Your smile is shared with people everyday, all day long.  A confident smile communicates energy and enthusiasm, and is noticed.  A beautiful smile will start conversations and open doors.  At Dr. Dueckman’s office we enjoy adjusting teeth with orthodontic treatment to help turn self conscious smiles into confident smiles.

Orthodontic treatment options have come a long way in the past years through technological advances.  The development of high-tech adhesives and temperature sensitive wires has made orthodontic treatment far more comfortable than it used to be.  Brackets with built in gates (self-ligating) hold the teeth in a gentler grip, increasing comfort and improving gingival bone and tissue health.  These new technologies allow us to treat cases in less invasive ways, reducing the need for extractions of teeth or surgical interventions.

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With improvement in treatment technologies one would expect that the price of orthodontic treatment might have climbed at pace with other typical family purchases.  In fact, this is not the case.  While 30 years ago a family would pay the price of a new small car for orthodontic treatment, today the price of treatment is about one quarter of that price.

This more accessible pricing helps to explain why “faces with braces” are far more common on the school ground, and at the shopping mall than three decades ago.

If you would like to talk about orthodontic treatment for yourself or a loved one please do not hesitate to call our office:

Our initial consultations are free of charge and we also offer interest free payment plans.

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